The Digital for Good Tech Jam gives charities access to top tech talent.

The incredible success of our Gift the Code™ hackathons created a movement within Capital One to use Digital for Good.

The Tech Jam pairs fifteen charities with teams from Capital One and other tech-savvy companies. Each team generously donates their skills to build a solution that amplifies their charity’s impact. The teams work throughout the weekend to create an amazing solution for their charity – no judging necessary.

Weekend Overview

Friday, November 15

The event kicks off the evening of Friday, November 15. We’ll have dinner together and get to know one another a little. After that, everyone will break into teams and meet their assigned charity. The night is all about getting oriented and figuring out what we’ll be doing over the weekend.

Saturday, November 16

Saturday is about problem solving. Each team will spend time learning more about the unique challenges that their charity is facing, what needs to happen to help solve it and then working out how to go about doing just that.

The rest of the Tech Jam is spent working together on solutions! It’s busy, it’s fast-paced, it’s energetic – but there are lots of breaks, lots of spots to chill out and plenty of scrumptious snacks to get you through the crunch.

Sunday, November 17

The Tech Jam ends with a big celebration on Sunday, where everyone can see how much they’ve accomplished and bask in the sweet glow of a weekend well spent.


Is your registered charity in need of some digital expertise? Apply for the opportunity to be one of next year’s participating charities.

Companies With Heart

If you’re a tech company of any size and would like to lend a team to next year’s Tech Jam, apply now for the opportunity to participate.


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