Challenge #1

Create a solution that improves our ability to find and leverage donors.

Challenge #2

Create an organizational tool that will help our volunteers efficiently and resourcefully manage their commitment to Blake Boultbee.

Challenge #3

Create a solution that will allow us to easily communicate and promote our services to at-risk youth and their families.

Challenge #4

Create a solution that will enable us to continuously update our databases.

Messages to Participants

Challenge #1

  • One of the goals is to reach local celebrities and business communities

Challenge #2

  • Blake Boultbee is a lean organization with limited volunteers, and with limited time.

Challenge #3

  • Website currently is extremely difficult for the team to update.
  • Blake Boultbee currently has no social media presence.

Challenge #4

  • Blake Boultbee currently does not have the resources to manually update a database. This process will need to be automated.

Resource List

Current Donor Demographics

Anyone in the world who wants to give us money; private foundations; a handful of corporations; a large base of individuals made up of friends, family, colleagues, connections, likely in 30-60 age range.

Desired Donor Demographics

Want to access individuals who have great wealth such as celebrities (athletic and entertainment) who would have an affinity with our work with at-risk youth and mental health issues; corporations who would have the same concerns/interest in supporting us as with the celebrities/wealthy individuals.

Information you’d like promoted to potential donors

Reaching out directly to prospective foundations and corporations.

Information you’d like communicated to at risk youths

How we work with the vulnerable members of our society, deal with the growing mental health needs of our young people, that we are unique in our mandate to work with our clients, individuals and families, for indefinite periods "once a client, always a client, until the client says they're done"; how we address the growing concerns around violence in our vulnerable communities.

That this is an amazing place to connect with a counsellor/therapist who will work with you for as long as you need to come in, be it 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years or....