Autism Ontario

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The leading source of information on autism in Ontario and one of the largest collective voices representing the autism community in Canada.

We know families turn to us first for support and we know that when we can make information easy to access, families feel supported. We’re thrilled to participate in Gift the Code 2017. We look forward to working with our outstanding team and can’t wait to see the results.


Autism Ontario is dedicated to increasing public awareness about autism and the day-to-day issues faced by individuals with autism, their families, and the professionals who journey with them. The association is guided by goals of providing information and education, supporting research, and advocating for programs and services for the autism community.

The work of the association is championed by 25 chapters throughout Ontario that are volunteer-run. Each chapter furthers the work of the association in its own way with unique events, fundraising initiatives and efforts to raise awareness about autism. Chapters are a vital aspect of Autism Ontario as they each provide a local point of connection for those in the autism community.

The solutions created through Gift the Code will strengthen the autism community by empowering Autism Ontario to give better guidance, resources and tools to its chapters so that they can in turn empower their local communities.

Challenge Statements

Create a user-friendly solution that can manage Autism Ontario memberships and events.

Each chapter of Autism Ontario organizes unique events and initiatives to engage its local community. Rather than each of these chapters managing its own digital space for its members, news and events, Autism Ontario works as a coordinating body to collect and manage all this information and data. It needs a platform that will allow both existing members and those just discovering Autism Ontario online to find and connect to their local community by searching for what’s going on in their area. The solution should be accessible on the back-end for Autism Ontario staff to manage data, and have an engaging front-end for users to find relevant information.

Create a solution that enables Autism Ontario to direct specific information to specific users.

The information database that Autism Ontario currently uses does not allow for member profiles to be searchable by keywords. This makes it very challenging for staff to identify which members are donors, which are volunteers, and which are family members; this is a significant barrier to communicating relevant information to such a diverse audience. A solution that allows Autism Ontario to identify and segment its members will allow it to be more strategic with its initiatives and programs.

Create a solution that streamlines the event creation process with the notification process.

Events are an important tool that Autism Ontario uses to build its community and support system. Currently, events are created, managed and marketed through an event management system that is separate from the Autism Ontario website. This creates a significant disconnect between each event and Autism Ontario as an association. It also means that event data is scattered and not managed or collected effectively. A solution to streamline creating and marketing events will optimize the work of Autism Ontario and further the reach of its work.

Create an interactive element to be added to the Autism Ontario website that engages visitors.


Aligning with Autism Ontario’s mandate to be a source of information for the autism community, the website is full of written content and resources. To appeal to the various learning styles and make their website more visually engaging, an interactive element that communicates the vision, mission and/or impact of its work will help better engage new visitors and convert potential donors.

Create a solution that allows all chapters to easily communicate and share resources.

Autism Ontario has many resources that chapters can use to find success with their volunteers, events and initiatives but does not have a platform where chapters can access this information. Additionally, chapters often develop their own best practices through their unique experiences and want to share these learnings with other chapters. This solution will increase the impact that each chapter has in its local community by ensuring that information is easily accessible by any chapter.