Gift Your Skills

I have spent a lot of time talking to charities about their challenges and working with them on solutions to those challenges. It’s unbelievably energizing and rewarding work.

But it’s also daunting at times.

It’s daunting to see how necessary innovations and advancements for charitable organizations are inaccessible due to funding constraints. For those from the tech world, you’ll appreciate how expensive it is to hire top-calibre programmers, making it that much more difficult for charities to overcome challenges on their own.

This is quite simply what makes Gift the Code by Capital One so important. Through this initiative, charities that do important social work can access an entirely new set of skills that might not be available internally.

Gift the Code is also doing something more profound than that. It’s building a culture that empowers individuals to use their skills to add value to charities. Many of us will never be able to write that $25,000 cheque to a charity, but we can supplement a smaller donation with our time and skills to add $25,000 in value. I would strongly encourage everyone to put thought into what skills they can contribute – then go out and gift those skills!

This is why I got involved with Gift the Code. I believe we all have a responsibility to use the skills we possess to pay it forward and gift our skills to the causes we care about the most.

For me, that cause is mental health. It’s a serious health issue for young people, and it’s something that has touched all of our lives in some way. If you’re interested in supporting mental health organizations as well, take a look at Kids Help Phone. It’s one of the beneficiaries of this year’s Gift the Code by Capital One, and one of the most important mental health organizations in Canada.

For those participating in this year’s Gift the Code by Capital One – GOOD LUCK!! We know you’ll come up with some incredible tech solutions and make a difference for these charities!

– Justin Scaini